About Me

Rasmus Runberg

Agile IT Manager

I am an Agile IT Manager with nearly 10 years of experience as an Agile evangelist and even longer leading people, products and projects.

As a leader I have not only successfully delivered the right products at the right time, I have also taken ownership of optimizing processes while taken a great interest in developing the teams I work with – something I’m very passionate about.

My background with a degree in Computer Science and International Project Management, combined with my professional experience and skills in communication, Agile mindset and cultural understanding has proven successful. I have made great impact in the teams I have worked with, while together we have been delivering high quality results.

Everything I do, I do with great dedication, and I’m not afraid to take the lead whenever required. I’m determined to keep a very Agile and LEAN team organization and approach – always with focus on value and transparency, while making sure stakeholders and team members are fully onboard.

Agile Speaker

For the past 4 years I have been a co-organizer of Agile ME Dubai Meetups, and been part of the Agile community in general, including giving speaks and done training in Agile.

Please see https://agileindubai.com for more information.


For a fully updated resume I refer to my LinkedIn page: